About Me

About Natalie

Natalie has held a California Real Estate License since 2002, became a Broker in 2013, and has been focusing on working with investors and protecting their assets.  
She served as a leader at Hewlett-Packard in multi-faceted worldwide roles for over 20 years. She won numerous awards, one of which was designing the first e-commerce site for HP. She was a major force in growing the complex enterprise software sales organization and was selected to participate in the exclusive HP leadership academy. She left Corporate America to pursue her dream in real estate, and successfully transferred her various roles in Business Development, Marketing Management, IT Management, and Direct Marketing to build a successful real estate business. 

Natalie holds an MBA with an emphasis on IT Management and Business, and is passionate about helping people.  Natalie's love of real estate and the commitment to helping clients reach their goals, is a perfect blend for success.